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You are here. This is the beginning. Welcome to day one!
This is the start of a brand new year, and the time for another run around the sun.
Yesterday was last year; tomorrow is happening right now;
the slate has been wiped clean, we can have no idea what this year will endow.
The first day is always the hardest; you start re-sighting resolutions that very morning;
the last 12 months are a blur, the events of the next 12 months offer no forewarning.
No matter the cold wind blowing outside your window, no matter the cloudy sky above-
believe that whatever happens this year you will do something to be proud of.
Obstacles will rise up; challenges will present themselves; fate will, at times, intervene;
but don’t be afraid to take chances and make your mark on our constantly revolving machine.
This new year will change who you are, this new year will offer you many opportunities,
this new year will give you the means to grow, this new year will impart new responsibilities;
but what this new year cannot do, and what must be your choice alone,
is to make the decision about whether to stand tall and to walk towards lifes ever-turning cyclone;
or whether to allow the world to blow you in the direction that it sees fit –
a leaf on the wind; of planet Earth, but not really a part of it.
Be resolute is your resolutions; be bold in your beliefs; don’t allow yourself to be overcome.
Make this year the year that you want it to be; be brave; because it all starts today, on day one.



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