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Why do we write? Why do we paint?
Why do we learn? Why do we acquaint?
For thousands of years visionaries, dreamers, luminaries,
artisans, and inventors, have redefined the definition of how we should live our lives;
for thousands of years the innovators and the most inspired of their time
have been the heralds of renaissance, and to this day their influence still imparts and survives.

Every person who has ever lived is the child of renaissance:
the philosophic, the artistic, the humanistic, the stylistic-
everyone who loves to sing, laugh, and dance,
is a part of the constantly evolving, reshaping, and reforming, renaissance
that is occurring every hour of every day,
every person is a voice to the future, as well as a memory of yesterday.
The stories of our origins, religions, motivations, and creations,
have written within there passages, expressions, and source,
the evidence of the human renaissance epic-
the questioning of our purpose, and our world;
the axioms of the curious, the knowledgable, the wise, and the mystic.

The renaissance goes on. The renaissance is now.
What the renaissance will look like in the future we have no way of knowing how.
What is already self-evident and self-fulfilling, however,
is that the renaissance will go on without end;
the renaissance will be the constant of every idea,
the manifestation of every trend.



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