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Pick a day. How about today?
Pick a time. How about right now?
Pick a direction, take in a breath, close your eyes, and make a vow.
Make a promise to yourself that you will make a difference,
make a statement for all the world to hear that you will seize every second and make the most out of every chance.

I chose today to set-out and chase the sun;
I chose today to realize that there is so much more to be done.
I chose today to make someone smile;
I chose today to accept change, and to no longer live in denial.
I chose today to look around at the world and see an undiscovered landscape;
I chose today to reach beyond my bounds and imagine that my life and my future was tangible and mine to shape.
I chose today to see the meaning of life, I chose today to feel my own heart beat at the rhythm of a Hummingbirds wings;
I chose today to meet myself, to progress, and to see the light in things.

I chose Tuesday;
will you choose today?



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