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The unbelievable music that is ‘The Surya Sound’,
to me is nothing short of incredibly profound!
Every song is a rare and resonating musical masterpiece,
that stimulates the mind, and serves as a uplifting release.
There is the no way that I can fully describe
the way that it makes me feel and the inspiration from Surya that I imbibe.

Surya Devi’s healing voice, and her absolutely stunning music,
is, in my opinion, undeniably beautiful, gorgeous, and epic!
Surya is someone who is extraordinarily gifted in her artistry,
unbelievably talented, and she sings angelically!
I love every song that Surya has ever made,
especially ‘Order to the Chaos’- because it was the first song that I ever played,
after I discovered her amazing MySpace profile and I listened to what I found:
which was an incredible friend, and the most amazing musical experience
that is ‘The Surya Sound’.

vox vocis sol solis



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