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Being a big brother comes with lots of responsibilities;
being a big brother means that you have to set
and show a shining-example;
being a big brother means and comes with a promise
to always look out for your little brother or little sister-
whether they are ten years old,
or a beautiful married woman in her thirties;
being a big brother is something that you should never
take for granted if you are one,
because you can be the one person in the entire world
that your sister or brother can come to
when they are feeling down or vulnerable.

I am a big brother;
I am a little brother;
I am not the best brother;
I am a lucky brother;
I sometimes feel like my little sister’s twin-brother,
because we are so different and yet so similar;
I sometimes look and listen to my little sister Clare
and I think that she is the older, wiser,
more courageous, more fearless,
more inspirational of the two of us,
because she is a fighter,
because she is a believer and prime-example
of how being bold, colourful,
and not always being so reserved all the time
can make life much more richer.

My little sister has amazing instincts;
my little sister has a heart of gold
and an ethic to life that I love and admire;
my little sister has a voice, a spirit, a fire,
a purpose, that anybody can see and feel from a distance;
my little sister is the one person in the world
who you would always want by your side,
because she will always be the most supportive
and hard-working heart in a room, even if she is tired.

I am a lucky brother to have a little sister like Clare;
I know that to have an amazing person as your sister
like my sister has always been to me is incredibly rare;
I am always going to be here
and whenever I am needed by my little sister;
I know that I have not always been
and I am not always the perfect brother,
but their is no one more prouder than I
to be my sister Clare’s one and only big brother.



From a single star in the night sky,
I can see the birth and the death of an entire solar system;
from a single echo of light
I can see the dawn and the evolution of an extraterrestrial civilization.

From a lone seed planted in the ground,
I can see the fertilization and the growth
of a majestic and gargantuan tree;
from a lone drop of water
I can see the trunk, the branches, the leaves
of a thousand arbors radiating there majesty.

From the faintest of smiles,
I can feel the beaming joy that lives to be expressed
on the face of another person;
from the faintest of glances,
I can share and envision another persons view of the world-
their trepidation’s; their needs; their hopes; their fascinations.

From the most unique and beautiful of voices,
I am transported and removed out of time
to a state of being that dwarfs that of ecstasy;
from the most phenomenal and sublime of voices,
I am overcome and inspired by their superhuman
insight conveyance ability.

From one idea; from one word; from one man, woman, or child,
I can extrapolate a limitless array of potential
and extraordinary possibilities;
from one idea I can see the whole,
from one word I can see an epic,
from one conversation with anyone,
I can extrapolate an unlimited resource of amazing
and untapped capabilities.

From one of anything in the universe
you can easily extrapolate a million,
from one of any dream in the galaxy
you could easily extrapolate that they number in the trillions;
from one of anything that you feel, think, and believe,
never give up or be swayed by opposing views, or consternation;
because a long time ago, from nothing came everything-
so start with one, and then give all that you are to extrapolation.



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