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When we are a child we are afraid of the dark,
and even as some people grow older
they cannot sleep without a light to assure them and to guide them,
even if that light is but a spark.
I used to be afraid of the dark,
I used to drift off to sleep while mesmerized
by the glow of a light-bulb underneath my bedroom door,
I used to look into the shadows
and make myself believe that I could see a face,
I used to listen to every sound
and wonder what it was that was walking unseen over my floor.
And then, one day all the lights went out,
my bedroom and my entire house were now only being lit
my the majestic light of the moon-
I remember my Mum coming up to my room and telling me by candle-light
that “everything was going to be ok, the light will be back on soon”-
and the most amazing thing happened afterwards:
everything was ok, the power came back on,
and with the light, and at no time that night, since then, or now,
have I not believed, without fear, that everything is going to be all right,
its all just a question of when and how.

Lights go out everyday,
but they always return to life brighter than they were before-
day, or night, whether in the sky, or right beside us on Earth,
seen, or unseen, a spark is always there, that no one can ever obscure.

I have found great solace in darkness
broken only by the light of hope within my dreams;
I have felt powerful inspiration from the assured smile of a friend
telling me that everything is not always as it seems;
I have been in a sea of uncertainty,
diving below the surface, before coming face to face with a fast-moving shark-
unmoving, unafraid, and unlimited,
I raised my head to look at the glittering sunlight above,
I closed my eyes, and I went back to the spark.


The Great Attractor, to me, is not just a gravitational stellar anomaly,
it is a bond created by a small group of people in search of a little harmony.

The Great Attractor is a song that makes you think of the one you love,
like a message in a bottle sent from one of the shining point’s of light up above.

The Great Attractor is a promise that everything is going to be ok,
that when the sun rises again that new light will herald the start of a brand new day.

The Great Attractor is like an energy that you can feel in the air,
like the static electricity that you create when you rub a balloon on someone’s hair.

The Great Attractor is like the moment when you first see that special someone,
when you feel like you’ve been struck by a bolt lightning that you couldn’t outrun.

The Great Attractor is what keep’s you coming back for more,
the reason you return to a place time and again because it is somewhere that you just adore.

The Great Attractor is like the most powerful magnet imaginable,
like a force of nature that you can feel, but is incapable of ever being tangible.

The Great Attractor is something I live to feel, and dream to converse with-
an understanding that whatever has happened in the past you can always forgive.

The Great Attractor, the rhyme and reason we do what we do,
is all part of the synchronicity highway, and the event’s along the way that ensue.

The Great Attractor is everyone and everything in the entire universe,
the reason why we can’t just rewind our lives and go in the reverse.

The Great Attractor is the knowledge that what you see is not all that there is;
an unheard language that is spoken, but is unreadble even if you are a phonetic wiz.

The Great Attractor is what brought me to you, and you to me-
the reason you are reading this poem right now- which I really like, and I hope you agree.

Deus ex machina



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