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The Labyrinth of Life is the path we all follow-
from our first sip, to our last swallow-
we walk a trail that began long before our birth,
one which does not end until we return to the Earth.

The concept of a Labyrinth representing life is not a new idea,
in fact, similar idea’s have been around for thousands of years;
however, my arrival at the thought happened very recently,
and it was an idea that came to me independently
of previous knowledge about labyrinths, mythology, and custom-
it just seemed so logical at the time when my thoughts began to run.
I suppose the reason that I was so enamored with the thought,
is because I, like many others, have for some time sought
the answer to a question, the reason to the rhyme:
why things are the way that they are; and also how much time
do I have to complete my own Labyrinth of Life- my great work:
Is there a way that I can rework
the mistakes of my future before I make them?
or, perhaps, replay some of my past mistakes over again?
However, of course, if that were the case
it would mean that I would have to replace
all the things that stemmed from my actions as a result-
and that would be nothing short on an insult
to life, the universe, and the gift of revelation,
and would follow me all the way into my next emanation.

The Labyrinth of Life is like any labyrinth anyone has ever seen:
you enter at the beginning, and then hopefully convene
with the people at the center you have met along the way-
someone years ago, last week, or even just today,
but who you were always meant to meet, and were always going to know-
people you never knew at the start, but were to be there at the end from the word go.




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