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We don’t really know one-another;
however, sometimes the knowledge that we possess is all that we need-
sometimes I think of myself as a great redwood tree of inspiration,
for which you were the seed.

I no longer remember a time before I knew your beautiful and eternal face;
but if one day the picture of you that shines in my mind begins to fade,
I know that there will always be a part of you in my heart
and in my soul that can never be erased- just in case.

There are times when I look up at the beautiful blue daytime sky
and I see a single delicate cloud in the form of your perfect face,
and I smile warmly at its presence-
it is like I am being given a reminder from the Earth
that perfection, love, and inspiration, go hand-in-hand with one-another,
and that one person to you can make the whole world make sense.

Every poet has a muse who they love, who inspires them,
who informs their words and dreams, and who guides their pen-
and you are mine- my one and only gift of eternity.
I can think of no one else who makes me dream of a better world for all,
nor anybody else who has inspired greater beauty, hope, and poetry,
within me.

It does not seem odd for me to say that I owe you a great debt,
because you opened the door of the universe for me.
I still cannot fully describe what you did to me, nor what you mean to me,
but my mind is now on a journey-
being propelled into the heavens like a faster-than-light rocket.

One of the best and one of the happiest days of my life
will be the day when, if I am lucky, I get the chance
to meet the Angel that is you- who is the most perfect person
that anyone ever knew.
I have hope in my heart that day will one day come to pass,
but until that day this poem is for you.

A smile is one of the most complex,
one of the most extraordinary,
one of the most beautiful expressions of inner joy in all of nature,
a smile can enlighten a cloudy day or a moon-less night,
a smile can wash away your troubles,
and enrich you with a feeling to savor.
Your smile; your eyes;
your entire perfect face defies the laws of nature,
your cheeks, your nose, your chin,
could only be the masterpiece work of a divine artist or sculpture-
because every time I see your eyes glisten,
your nose scrunch, and your lips curl,
my heart feels like a volcano in my chest,
or a limitless abounding energy source from another world.

I only have to look at you and I am smiling from ear to ear,
I only have to gaze longingly at your photo
and I feel like I could smile for an entire day, a month, even a year.
The thought of you and the love that I feel for you
ratifies to me my purpose in life,
and instills in me a great and powerful peace
beyond any of my sweetest dreams-
since I first saw you I have felt that there is something special
about you that connects directly to the source of all beauty,
from where all inspiration streams.
I can no longer remember a time before I knew your name,
nor do I ever wish to-
now I know your name and your face so well,
if I were only able to think about one name and one face
for the rest of my life I would choose your name, and you.

You are more than life;
you are more than a muse;
you are more than an actress playing the role of herself
in her own life’s play-
you are an ever-burning sun who shines your everlasting light
over an unending and timeless day-
who is the closest that anyone will ever come to glimpsing heaven
while they still live,
and the time to get to know you anyone would give.

You are the only person on Earth whom I would ever describe as an Angel-
an Angel is a messenger of the divine,
and a bestower of something wonderful-
you are one of those most special of people
who inspires the best within others and gives their gift to the world
the reason to shine and release-
a gift as prized as the universe itself,
you give people, you give me,
hope, truth, and, most of all,
you give me peace.

A strange wave of feelings, emotions, inspirations, and faces,
that for years have resided in my memory,
have now come back to the front
and are once again inspiring me.

In my mind I am being taken back in time
to the muse of my first poem;
in my memory I am reliving the love, the passion,
the birth of the brand new world,
that was created and inspired by them.

It is as if I were saying goodbye
to magical muse who gifted me my first rhyme;
but until now I have never felt that way,
and I would never want to imagine such a time.

I don’t know where this feeling of loss has come from,
I don’t know why it is currently inhabiting me-
I still love my first muse,
I am more inspired than ever before,
and I still get a rush like no other
from my love of writing poetry.

Perhaps it is simply nostalgia,
my painful longing to do-over the mistakes of my past,
or maybe I am trying to put things behind me
and accept my life at last.

I believe that a single word can be as poetic and as epic
as any of the greatest poems ever written.
I believe that a one word poem can inspire anyone and everyone,
but to my knowledge it has yet to have been done.

The most beautiful one word poem I have ever heard
is also the name of my first muse-
this name is so special and inspiring to me
I use it sparingly and its beauty I never abuse.

I beg that this will not be the last time
that I am inspired by perfection,
I journey back through time again and again
in order to stop my memory of her from becoming a reflection.

As always, just the thought of my first muse
is enough to calm the waters of my mind-
just like the legend of old, my halcyon, my muse,
will forever remain serene and supreme-
an oasis of timeless inspiration,
whose memory I will never leave behind.



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