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Time is so precious.
If you had just one day to do everything that you want to do, anything-
what would you choose?
If I could do anything, I would do exactly what I am doing now:
sit down, listen to the sounds of life rushing by,
look out my window at the endless blue sky,
and converse with the eternal muse.
Moments like this are becoming fewer and farther between for me
in this new season of change;
but now it doesn’t matter-
what happened yesterday, or what will happen tomorrow-
all that matters today is what the world and I choose to exchange.

There was no time at the beginning of the universe,
just as there isn’t now-
it wasn’t until we began to measure the interval between moments
and placed great reverence on the knowledge of when things happened,
and how,
that was when we were all chained forever to the hours, the minutes,
and the seconds of every clock-
that was when we first began to follow time,
as if it were the shepherd to our flock.
If it were not for time, however, would anything ever get done?
I believe that it still would,
but we wouldn’t be as impatient as we are,
and we would still know that it was still daytime
by the appearance and the position of the sun.

Times are so precious.
Things happen in life, and they are over before you know it.
Special moments of infinite meaning for us all fade so quickly
that we cannot bear to admit.
The memories that stay with us, that we dwell on,
remember every hour of every day, that brighten our day-
like sunshine bursting through a cloud-
are everything-
they are the after, they are what whispers to us,
and they are what can be heard by all, and loud.
I have always believed that life is a continuum-
that everything happens all at once,
and that where we are going is exactly the place
from where we have come from-
that when we arrive at the top of the hill,
or at the highest branch of the tree,
we have the knowledge that the only way through is up,
and that remembering as much of what you have learned and felt in your life
is what will allow you to let go, and fly free.

There are moments in our lives that feel like our entire life
has been waiting for them to come to pass,
moments that defy description, explanation, contemplation, and time,
that mean so much to us there message is as clear as glass.

Moments that visit us to deliver a direction, a feeling,
an insight of light to guide our way to our hour of attainment and growth,
that strike at the bell that first tolled at our birth,
that will ring again for the last time at our final moment,
that connects and bounds both.

There are times in our lives
when we feel like all the answers to every question we have ever posed
are right in front of us and ready for our time and understanding;
times that take us to the limit of our experience and knowledge,
which then ask of us to feel and imagine
the entire universe in a single moment,
and then watch it expanding.
Times that fill our minds with visions of truth,
voices from our lives, feelings of happiness, pangs of pain,
that call upon you to accept the choices of others that have impacted on you,
and to stand-tall against the downpour of destiny’s rain.

There are times in our lives when we are looking at ourselves in a mirror
and the only reflection we see is the one we wish we had seen
when we were a child-
a portal to the future that shows us at a moment of openness, clarity;
happy, content, beguiled.

There are moments in our lives that change everything about us,
that rocket us into orbit around our world
and show it to us at it’s most sublime.
I live for those moments that show me what awaits me;
and right this instant, I think that it’s time.

Why do we write? Why do we paint?
Why do we learn? Why do we acquaint?
For thousands of years visionaries, dreamers, luminaries,
artisans, and inventors, have redefined the definition of how we should live our lives;
for thousands of years the innovators and the most inspired of their time
have been the heralds of renaissance, and to this day their influence still imparts and survives.

Every person who has ever lived is the child of renaissance:
the philosophic, the artistic, the humanistic, the stylistic-
everyone who loves to sing, laugh, and dance,
is a part of the constantly evolving, reshaping, and reforming, renaissance
that is occurring every hour of every day,
every person is a voice to the future, as well as a memory of yesterday.
The stories of our origins, religions, motivations, and creations,
have written within there passages, expressions, and source,
the evidence of the human renaissance epic-
the questioning of our purpose, and our world;
the axioms of the curious, the knowledgable, the wise, and the mystic.

The renaissance goes on. The renaissance is now.
What the renaissance will look like in the future we have no way of knowing how.
What is already self-evident and self-fulfilling, however,
is that the renaissance will go on without end;
the renaissance will be the constant of every idea,
the manifestation of every trend.



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