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In March 2012, I had the great privilege and pride to be contacted by my friend, the amazing, world-renowned, singer, song-writer, and pretty-much one of the most beautiful and gifted people on the planet, Kirsty Hawkshaw – who you may know from her phenomenal music career, or you may know her from her incredible culinary Raw Food cooking expertise. Kirsty and I have known each-other for years as online friends on MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, and I of course have been in love with Kirsty’s voice ever since I first heard Kirsty and Tiësto’s amazing song ‘Just Be‘; but it was not until last year, when Kirsty approached me and asked me if I could offer her any assistance from a poetry standpoint on the song that she was currently writing, that Kirsty and I became potential lyrical-collaborators.

That song was ‘Nostra Terra’.

I had never, and still have never, written a song in my life, but I thought that I would give it a shot. I remember Kirsty telling me that she needed something that described “our planet, our consciousness, our connection with Mother Earth”– that brief, and Kirsty’s incredible generosity and belief in me, was all that I needed to start work on writing a new poem that may be helpful to Kirsty in her song-writing process. So I wrote something, sent it to Kirsty, and the next day I got a reply from Kirsty saying that she loved what I wrote and that she may want to use some of what I wrote in the song itself! Suffices to say, I was blown-away!

On the 14th of January, ‘Nostra Terra (Can we turn it around)’ by Kirsty Hawkshaw & One Vision was officially released to the world and the response to it already has been phenomenal! ‘Nostra Terra’ is beautiful, amazing, epic, soulful, gorgeous, and in my opinion the best song I have ever heard (but I may be biased). Truly, Kirsty’s voice and the unbelievable, uplifting, entrancing, music and beats of the song, are a thing of wonder!

Nostra Terra

You can purchase ‘Nostra Terra (Can We Turn It Around)’ right now on iTunes, on Beatport, and on Amazon.

Track list:
1. Nostra Terra (Can We Turn It Around) [Club Mix]
2. Nostra Terra (Can We Turn It Around) [Epic Mix]
3. Nostra Terra (Can We Turn It Around) [Team Bastian Remix]
4. Nostra Terra (Can We Turn It Around) [North state in the Sunrise Remix]
5. Nostra Terra (Can We Turn It Around) [BDH Remix]
6. Nostra Terra (Can We Turn It Around) [Radio Edit]
7. Nostra Terra (Can We Turn It Around) [North state in the Sunrise Edit]
8. Nostra Terra (Can We Turn It Around) [BDH Remix Edit]
9. Nostra Terra (Can We Turn It Around) [Epic Dub]
10. Nostra Terra (Can We Turn It Around) [Team Bastian Dub Remix]

The album is incredible! And I just want to take this opportunity to thank Kirsty again from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be a part of this epic and amazing song! I will never forget this time in my life, and that is in part because of you! Thank you, Kirsty! 🙂



Every time I hear your voice,
I close my eyes and I imagine the limitless sky of my mind,
I see the breathtaking hues of a beautiful sunset-
and shining above me the light of the moon watches and washes over me;
every time I listen to you sing,
I feel a peace come over me,
I feel as if my mind is racing a thousand miles an hour
as the Earth turns slowly;
I feel more, I see more, I believe more,
than anyone has ever thought they could before-
and it is because of you that is possible,
it is because of the gift of you that I adore.

When I first heard your phenomenal voice
I was physically and visibly enraptured-
the more that your voice entered into my soul,
inspired and gave growth to the seed of my internal voice and horizons-
I felt as if the hope of my dreams coming true had been reassured.

I believe that you were gifted to us all
so as to make a difference in peoples lives
that they will pass onto others
and will one day use to change the entire world for the better.
Every time someone feels inspired, or energized,
they will hear the faint beautiful sound of your voice,
and they will see your face like that of a spectre.

You have touched so many peoples heart,
and you have influenced so many peoples lives and minds-
and on behalf of everyone who loves you,
I would just like to say thank you for being you;
because every day you give something to the world
that has never been seen, or heard, before-
every new song is like your debut.

I would just like to wish you many congratulations, limitless love,
and my belief that your union will renew itself
and become more powerful and more special
for every day that you two share.
I hope you and your family
will go on forever, Kirsty,
because what connects you to the world is incredibly rare.

My ode to the beautiful Kirsty Hawkshaw on her Wedding Day



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