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I will hold your hand,
I will give you my smile,
I will hold you and love you forever in my heart,
I will give you my all,
I will give you the belief and the strength that you need
to master and to overcome any trial.
I will hold your gaze,
I will give you my love,
I will hold back the pain,
I will heal your scars and surround you
with that which you desire to see the clear path
when the road ahead can appear broken and rough.
I will be there for you to look to always,
I will be there with my arms open wide,
I will be there at the centre of life’s maze,
I will be there to make you want to open and close your eyes
with delight as I know and I feel that you will too for me-
we both know that no matter how far out to the sea of the world
we go our mind, heart, and soul, will always be tied.

When I look at you I see hope,
when I look at you I see the most beautiful person
to have ever been born,
when I look at you I see the gorgeous and wonderful gift
of perceiving and believing in infinite possibilities in me
that you awoke.
When I look at you I see the most special person
there will ever be, and the one, amazing, answer to the question:
do I have a soul-mate and someone who will be there for me,
like I would be there for them, that I have been asking
and searching my entire life for.

The world keeps turning;
the sun and the moon continue to rise and set;
our world, the star that sustains us
and keeps us orbiting one-another in perfect synchronicity
guides us to our dreams every night
and wakes us wide-eyed every morning.
I see only you in my sky,
I see only your beautiful face in every blink of my eyes,
I see only you the best in you,
I see only the one person in the entire world
that I feel constantly and know,
and who I have wished for in my life every day
leading up to the second that we first met.

When we first met I remember being unable to look away from you
and unable to stop myself from telling you everything;
when I see you now I open myself up just to feel and to hear
the beautiful melody of you-
like the unmistakable colour and chorus of the flowers
and song of spring.
When I am with you it is like listening to the amazing,
unique, incredible, original, sound of a song
ingrained into and played from the grooves of a vinyl record;
when I am with you I discover new sights and expanses of feeling
and meaning just waiting to be explored.
When I am with you I want you to know I am always
within touching-distance in some way,
that you can always reach out to me,
that you can see me in your minds-eye,
as I see you in mine when I,
when you look forward.


It’s so easy to talk to you.
I feel like I can say anything.
Since I first met you
I have had this feeling when you look at me
that you know and understand me.
It is as if we two are kindred spirits-
meant to meet, to become friends,
meant to come through all that we have been through in our lives,
meant to share the same aspirations, dreams,
optimism, and point of view,
meant to teach and to learn from one another,
and to enjoy all the gifts of insight
that our shared connection continues to bring.

I have learned more from you,
and I have learned more about myself from you,
in the short-time that I have known you
than I have learned from people that I have known for years.
You have been a breath of fresh air for me,
so much so that I look forward to the next time
that I talk to you with great anticipation.
You and I know each other so well,
even when we are not talking,
it’s like we have our own telepathy.
I believe that the chances of us meeting
at any other time but right now
are so astronomically out of the realms of possibility
that the reason that we get on so well, so quickly,
can only come down to one thing: destiny.

The summer truly began for me when you walked into my life.
Within the first five minutes of knowing you
I felt that the more we spoke the more inspiration,
strength, self-confidence, tranquility, hopefulness,
I derived.

You can’t force compatibility.
You can’t forge a friendship without mutual trust.
You can’t fake true authenticity.
You can’t forget someone who is as great a person as you are in a hurry,
nor do I want to contemplate a time
when you are no longer there for me to talk to-
when that time does eventually come to pass,
I must admit that I am going to find it hard to adjust.

I hope that you are reading this.
I hope that you and I, however near or far away in the future,
will always remember the season and the times that we spent together.
I hope that for both of us the events of our lives thus far
will one day be eclipsed by that which lies ahead.
I hope that we will always share a connection of spirit-
one shared by people who give meaning to each-others lives,
and who forever will be kindred.



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