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Is what I am seeing really happening?
Is what I am feeling really true?
What was there a minute ago has disappeared in the wind.
What I felt touching my face has melted away
and dissolved from view.

The sun has come out,
the snow that fell like a blizzard not long ago
hasn’t even left a snowflake on the ground
to remember it by.
People keep going,
the wheels keep turning,
the tea and the coffee is kept pouring,
the songs keep playing;
people love making a forthright choice
without any lingering or doubt;
friends keep saying hello,
companions always have to say goodbye.

There is no such thing as a bottomless cup.
There is no such thing as a winter without end.
Things don’t ever stop fascinating you about life
and about how the world works,
even when we realize and we know that we are a grown-up-
a sudden surprise event or incident that you never saw coming
doesn’t ever stop making your heart beat fast,
like meeting a new friend.

Interpretation can be an illusion.
What we think we see may not actually be there.
Not every answer to a question is a solution.
Sometimes life can be and can seem
like a non-stop game of truth or dare.

Things are important to us.
People are what keep us going.
We can lose our things,
we can lose touch with people,
we can lose focus,
we can forget where it was we were originally going,
because we got so lost in what we were doing.

Sometimes we can become hypnotized,
when we look into someone’s eyes we can become mesmerized.
When we look at our lives it can seem like a collage.
When we look at what is happening in the world
and all around us,
sometimes everything can feel like we are looking at a mirage.



The first sound that you hear when you wake up in the morning,
the first voice that calls to you and returns you to the waking-world of reality
often comes as a shock, a surprise-
but it is what you need to entice the facets of your mind and life into reforming.
Everyday we remake the world, as we see it;
everyday something new comes to us
and interconnects our thoughts
and reveals to us an essential truth, like that of a chorus.

The first sound of a new day can be the most important
and serenity-sustaining music that keeps you from falling
below the waves of your own, sometimes emotionally-tumultuous, sea;
the first song that plays into the fresh morning air,
which gradually and blissfully you listen to every second of every note,
chord, and beat-
you can never anticipate how meaningful it will be.

Sometimes the world can seem so loud, especially first-thing in the morning;
but once you hear that voice of perfection-
whether it be within you, or from the lips of someone you love and respect-
the sound of the world folds in on itself, transforms,
and attenuates into a harmonious resonation.

There are some who live their entire lives
who have never been gifted the wonder of hearing what the world sounds like,
nor know what other people express in their own unique accent-
they miss the magic that carries in the wind that is always present.

There is a deeper music, though, that fills every second,
that everyone and anyone can hear and take from it
and do with it what they may,
and even make their own interpretation of what they hear
for others to play.

Everything that I have heard, thought about, dreamed about,
done something in my life about, came about because I was galvanized
by something profound-
something that occurred to me, so intensely, powerfully, strongly,
as it did when I was a kid-
when I realized that everything that happened in life
was born from sound.



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