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Order, peace- obliterated within an instant.
Chalices of life all extinguished,
as if they were in the path of a supernovas front.
The deafening scream that follows
will forever follow them into their nightmares;
the chaos that ensues, the hysteria that spreads like a contagion through the air,
elevates the newly-inducted demon to greater heights-
to a vantage point, from where the sun is hell
and the days are forever night.
There is no going back:
once they start down this path they are already dead;
they will beg their entire life
to be freed from the voices that reside in their head.
Pandemonium is now their paradise, Earth is no longer their home;
they are no longer human, they have crossed over into the forbidden zone-
the place where you go when you sacrifice your humanity;
the place where you die,
forever spiraling down a bottomless chasm of insanity.
What they have done is not without consequence,
what they have committed to is an existence without recompense,
what they are now is who they will always be;
they will never truly know what they have done, nor what could have been.

For those who are left behind,
for those who must try to grieve and move on;
for those whose lives have been shattered by this demon,
their world is now gone.
The demon is now on a road to self-destruction,
but his casualties still remain-
they must now come to terms with their loss and try to weather the pain.
Creating a state of hate,
inciting a pandemonium of chaos here on Earth
is not the dream of any child
when they are looking up at their parents from birth.
I will never understand murder,
to me their is no condoning the taking of another’s life;
even a demon can’t escape oblivion,
and one day they too will face the Grim Reapers scythe.



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