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Don’t look back.
Don’t think about what happened.
Just don’t think that any of this was your fault.
You did everything you could
to keep the light before everything forever went black.
You thought they were always going to love you.
You thought they were always going to be your friend.
Just think of this as a wake-up call,
or like an electrically-charged jolt to the heart.
You’ve burned your bridges to ashes.
The way you used to regularly travel great distances
over vast expanses can’t ever be remade.
You have given everything, and you always did,
and that debt was never going to be wholly repaid.

Just keep going. Just keep reading.
Just keep experiencing. Just keep writing;
don’t let this bring you down,
don’t let what happened make you feel sad,
or as if you are any less than what and who
you believe you are;
don’t let yourself be sucked inside yourself
like a black-hole ripping apart a beautiful star-
save yourself, run away if you have to,
get as far away from everything that is tormenting you,
discover something new, go somewhere you have never been,
imagine the clouds have gone and the sky is blue;
just imagine that all the pain you have just been feeling
was nothing more than a nightmare, or a bad dream;
you are stronger than you realize-
and if it helps, listen to your favourite song on repeat,
close your eyes, don’t think about the person that hurt you:
imprison them forever in the dark, cold, dungeon of your forgotten
and unimportant past life experiences you never want to revisit
and you want to forget, and throw away the key-
it serves no purpose to keep anything that reminds you of them-
they and you were never meant to be forever,
and in retrospect you already know this to be true
from the amount of time you tried to repair
and reconcile any differences you may have had,
but they always turned out to be seeds of a deeper,
toxic, growth, that if you let it grow near you
and around you forever it would eventually eat you alive.

Get out there.
Find and make new friends.
Don’t think or worry again about those who never cared.
Find and be with who you need, and who needs you;
and don’t feel sad at all;
and if you have to say anything to yourself,
just tell yourself that ‘unfortunately, in life,
things like this that are out of your hands,
just happen, and they need to happen, and it happens’.


From a single star in the night sky,
I can see the birth and the death of an entire solar system;
from a single echo of light
I can see the dawn and the evolution of an extraterrestrial civilization.

From a lone seed planted in the ground,
I can see the fertilization and the growth
of a majestic and gargantuan tree;
from a lone drop of water
I can see the trunk, the branches, the leaves
of a thousand arbors radiating there majesty.

From the faintest of smiles,
I can feel the beaming joy that lives to be expressed
on the face of another person;
from the faintest of glances,
I can share and envision another persons view of the world-
their trepidation’s; their needs; their hopes; their fascinations.

From the most unique and beautiful of voices,
I am transported and removed out of time
to a state of being that dwarfs that of ecstasy;
from the most phenomenal and sublime of voices,
I am overcome and inspired by their superhuman
insight conveyance ability.

From one idea; from one word; from one man, woman, or child,
I can extrapolate a limitless array of potential
and extraordinary possibilities;
from one idea I can see the whole,
from one word I can see an epic,
from one conversation with anyone,
I can extrapolate an unlimited resource of amazing
and untapped capabilities.

From one of anything in the universe
you can easily extrapolate a million,
from one of any dream in the galaxy
you could easily extrapolate that they number in the trillions;
from one of anything that you feel, think, and believe,
never give up or be swayed by opposing views, or consternation;
because a long time ago, from nothing came everything-
so start with one, and then give all that you are to extrapolation.



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