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From light to flame;
from fire to torch;
from the child that dreams of the future
while staring up at the stars from their porch;
to the born competitor who wakes up every morning,
striving to do better than they did before,
who will be flying their flag on their chest
in the Olympic games, and with the eyes of the world
they will watch as a beacon of hope for all will soar.

The beacon will light the entire Earth when it is ignited,
and, for a short-time, everyone on Earth will,
in our own way, come together in our support for another-
who dreams of nothing greater than to see
the people of the world be united.

Expectations will leap;
heart-rates will jump;
the human machine will be witnessed, admired, and pushed to its peak;
emotions will be up and down like a roller-coaster-
and in triumph we will all feel the awesome ecstasy
that comes with every fist-pump.

We will all celebrate,
and we will all commiserate;
we will all live with heart and mind and belief,
united together like never before in something
that will reverberate, inspire, and inform,
the lives, the people, and the imagination,
and keep alight the fire of hope for everyone forever-
it is what has been carried in the hearts of many
since our ancestors first step,
it is what has driven every athlete, believer,
dreamer of a better world- whomever, whenever, wherever.

We can all do wonderful things;
what we have all achieved up until now is but the start;
how far we look to the horizon
is a measure of what the future will bring-
but what matters the most in life
is not what you get when you reach the finish-line,
it is what you achieve when you choose to take part.


Two-players, two sides;
how well you play the game is what decides,
who will be the winner; who will capture the queen;
who will be the player to win the jackpot of the slot machine.
The prism of infinite probability makes it impossible to show,
who, if anyone, will win- no matter how many times they pass go.
Whether it be on a board, a park, a pitch, or a piece of paper,
on a court, a battleground, through the internet, or in an arena-
there is always an end, a goal, a score, a prize, a result;
most of the time there is a winner, a loser, a moment to exult.
No matter the who, the what, the where, the when, and the how,
there are always rules to every game that each player must vow
to stay within, to stick to, to abide by, and to not break;
even if the game must end in a draw, a tie, a deadlock, or a stalemate.
Just as for every Alpha there must be an Omega,
for every game there must be a risk, a pawn, a stake, or a wager-
an overwhelming drive that fuels the momentum of the game;
that focuses a player, and builds towards their last move, end, and aim.
Whether you are lucky; or a loser; always a winner; or always in a spin;
when you play any game- enjoy it, have fun, but always take part for the win.




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