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The light went out,
but only for a second;
the fire turned to smoke,
but then it returned when I beckoned;
the ground fell away,
but returned when I sat;
life ended,
but came alive again
when I looked into the eyes of a black cat;
fog clouded my vision,
but evaporated when I whistled;
I was holding onto the moon by a string,
but it never carried me away,
and always came back to me when I pulled;
the heat was unbearable,
but I was shivering from cold in an instant;
one minute I was lying in bed,
but then when I reopened my eyes
I was now somewhere completely different;
time stood still,
but with the click of a finger
the minutes seemed to pass much quicker;
the sun rose in the sky,
but went out with a flicker.




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