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Our first word: that magical moment when we talk for the first time;
that first word when we are a baby is so special, and so sublime;
so much so that I don’t think any word spoken afterwards can compare,
because this word is integral, auspicious, once in a life-time, and rare.
When I first found out what my first word was I smiled from ear to ear;
I looked around me, found a familiar face, and I imagined that I could hear
that first word, my first word, and the happiness and the joy that came with it-
both of my parents must have felt like they were looking down at me from Earth orbit.
I was not surprised, I was not expecting anything less profound;
my first word instantly created a connection, and from that moment I was bound.
Our first word does not define who we are, or who we are going to be;
however, it can turn out be an acorn that grows into a deeply-rooted tree.
My first word is also the identity of my hero: the person who first inspired me,
the man who gave me love, direction, and who is still the man who I want to be.
My first word was inspired by my Dad, and from then on my Dad has been my Buddha:
my first word created an unbreakable bond between us, and that word was dadda.



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