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Dancing in the dark around the light,
on a hot Summer night,
creating a beautiful spectacle
as they dart around so fast,
a constellation of lightning bugs fly and glow
and make children and adults feel awestruck and alive
as they watch the magical light show.

I have always been fascinated by miracles of life
that have the gift to be able to generate their own natural light,
I have always thought of myself as a firefly or a lightning bug
attracted by and also unknowingly generating my own trail
for others to follow, like the electric breadcrumbs
of streetlights at midnight.

I often feel like a big kid,
because as I have got older
I have refused to give up on seeing the world
and marveling at the new, the phenomenal,
and the exciting, and I plan to continue
to see the good before I see the bad;
I will never take for granted what I have,
and I will try not to pine
for that which I didn’t need in the first place,
and never want for which I never had.

Even in the darkness,
at all hours of the day,
even at night under a full-moon,
life of every kind is awake
and showing the colours of its plume.
I have always thought that at magic hour of sunset
the world is in the throws of a transition
and change that can be seen as well as a felt-
I believe that certain animals and people
have a sense of this, and an instinct for it,
and that is what makes me think that all the stories
and myths about the supernatural
have more truth to them than we know fully,
and that it is no coincidence that so many stories
and tales take place around twilight.

I have always wanted to see
and I have always wanted to hold
an integral piece of nature’s magical puzzle in my hands,
and on more than one occasion I have held the precious delicacy
of a short-lived but exhilarating teacher of life
who has shown me, and who has tried to teach me,
that every fleeting moment is important-
as is the time you spend talking to and with family and friends.

Anything that you can share,
anything that you feel,
anything that you can hold and embrace tightly
can feel as great and as energizing as the light of the sun,
and as comforting as a hug.
The wonder of all life and infinite possibilities
can be seen and felt if you are lucky enough to see,
and if you are fortunate to be able to chase, catch, and hold,
a emanating and glowing lightning bug.



There is no film ever made, or television show on TV,
like that of Joss Whedon’s amazing “Firefly” and “Serenity”.
There is no other world, or character’s that have been created
like Mal, River, Wash, Zoe, Jayne, Inara, Simon, Kaylee, and Book, that feel more related.
There is no other film or TV show that has garnered so many loving fans,
who affectionately describe themselves as “Browncoats”, or “Flans”;
however, “Firefly” and “Serenity”, and there fans are something special-
who often go above and beyond: like the amazing Marian Call.
I will never forget the first time that ever saw “Serenity”-
nor will I ever forget the joy and the love that it instilled in me.
After I saw Serenity, I discovered that it was a continuation of a TV series-
the phenomenal “Firefly”, which to this day still has me formulating hopes and theories.
Not long after I found and fell in love with Serenity and Firefly,
I discovered that it didn’t even make one season before FOX took it off the air to die.
I was sadened, angry- I needed to vent and share my pent-up feelings and emotions-
and that was when I realized the same was being felt in every country, across every ocean.
I, like the crew of Serenity, aim to misbehave:
I, like millions of other Browncoats, will continue broadcasting Firefly and Serenity’s wave;
I will watch, love, and cherish, every minute, of every episode, and of every character;
I will forever smile, be touched, be moved, and be overcome with fits of joy and laughter;
I will see to it that Serenity and Firefly’s luminosity will never diminish, or become dull-
nor will it ever, because the truth is: you can never stop the signal.



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