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Ever since I was a boy
I have traveled to far-away- blue-sky, red-sky,
glittering diamond-sky- distant worlds;
where Christmas trees sing Christmas songs as they sway in the wind,
and stars can be picked from a dark ocean sky as if they were pearls.

At sunrise, and at sunset,
at midday, and at midnight,
I travel at the speed of thought
to anywhere in the universe that I can imagine-
propelled only by myself, life, and light.

I have ventured through clouds of gold, to seas of crystal;
I have danced at the event-horizon of a black hole in space-
dived inside, and found myself somewhere that I can only describe
as like lying in a bed made entirely out of wool.

I have spoken languages that are so beautiful when expressed
they form thoughts and dreams of divine euphoria in your mind,
and make you feel like you have a sun burning in your chest.

I require no rocket,
I have no need for a time-machine,
an energy-source of unlimited power,
or an omnipotent visitor from an undisclosed dimension-
to go where I want to go,
I need only to believe, and to see,
everything projected from my inner-light,
free of my own apprehension,
and silently sing a memory to ascension.

Even though at one time or another in my life
I have felt adrift, unloved, blinded, and alone,
I always knew, and I know now,
that someone is always there for me to go to, to talk to,
to offer me refuge, and a home.

I know that no matter where, or when, I am, I can go anywhere, anytime,
I need only to see the place with all my sight-
fortunately that is never a problem,
because when I travel, I always travel faster than light.



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