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We were born of the Earth.
The Earth was born in space.
The sun was born of our galaxy the Milky Way.
The galaxy was born of the universe.
The universe was born of a Big Bang,
a moment of creation, a flash of transformation,
a phenomenal explosion of life-defining energy.

Everything is made and patterned and destined
to live and endure within the environment
in which they are born into:
a fish needs water to stay alive,
a human needs light, air, land,
something in their life to anchor them,
to keep them sane, to give their lives meaning-
the planets of our solar system give meaning to the Earth,
and the Earth gives meaning to you.
When two compatible individuals connect and come together
a new life is born that irrevocably changes
the face of everything that has come before it,
emerging into a world perfect for it
but which it must continuously learn to adapt to living in,
and living with, that it can’t control,
that it must struggle to understand,
that looks simple from the outset,
but which is more complex than they could ever conceive-
just like being able to walk and stand up straight
without falling over, constantly fighting,
and yet defined by, an invisible force;
just like looking back over a persons life,
seeing the choices that they made, and asking:
how much of what happens in something’s existence
or someone’s life is planned?

Patterns are repeated over and over again in our universe,
on our planet, in our lives- day after day, decade after decade,
century after century, millennia after millennia-
patterns of behaviour, echoes of design, sustaining structures,
that have stood, spread, and are prevalent in a billion different,
but connected, configurations, in a thousand galaxies
throughout the universe-
and they repeat, because they have evolved a way of maintaining balance
and equilibrium with the life source that created the universe
and seeded all things with a purpose, a power,
a path, a pattern to follow,
that we are all destined to find and make work.

No one will ever know all the answers-
anyone who says that they know everything, knows nothing;
but what everybody can know, if they are willing to search
and understand, is that patterns are there:
we were born, we all live our lives,
the galaxy exists, the universe and all life came into being,
for a reason-
a reason bigger and more important than all of us,
but the essential nature, components, spirit, final design,
can be seen everyday in everything and everyone on our planet
when you look for and when you see repeating patterns.


At eleven minutes passed eleven o’clock I made a wish,
the wish is always the same:
that you and I would always be together,
like an endless summer day filled with love, light, and bliss.

I look at the stagering beauty of nature when I am alone,
and even though I am in-awe
I know that their is something and someone missing-
like the loss that you feel after only a second of pause
when you move away from someone you were just kissing-
I would miss you even if you were two feet away,
and that is why I have to read your words,
and see your beautiful face at the end of every day.

Hearts break every second
like a cocophony of broken lightbulbs on the ground;
my heart breaks every time I see you,
because I still feel so special
to be the poet of your inspiration who you found.

I never believed that the world is like it is
until I first saw the pout of your smile-
you are and you will always be my muse of every moment,
the judge of my heart when it feels on trial.

To me, love is not love if it doesn’t feel effortless;
like poetry, love writes itself
and comes easy when you let go of yourself
and no longer repress.

When I need you, I dream of you.
Love fills my heart when I see you
and you talk to me in words of poetry-
the power of the first word that you ever said to me,
even after all this time, hasn’t for a second begun to lessen;
I can never get enough of you, and I don’t ever want to,
and that is why I think about you,
and I make a wish about you
every day at eleven minutes passed eleven.



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