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Eureka! Inspiration- the often depicted light-bulb moment in a cartoon.
Discovery, invention, the opus of a musician that originates with the whistling of a tune.
There is nothing like the biggest light-bulb in the sky to lift you up and make you feel alive-
the light of our day, the reason for our being: The Sun, the source that instills in us all to thrive.
When I was a child I was always fascinated by light and its rejuvenating properties,
I was always in awe of how light can energize, attract, and put everyone at their ease.
Even now, when I am illuminated by a light-bulb, or when I bask in the glow of a sunny day,
I am still invigorated, invited, and inspired by the radiance- enough so to be taken away!
The Sun instantly and deeply connects with the light within each and every one of us-
the source of all our power, that which we express artistically; that which we love, and discuss.
The World would be a much darker place if it were not for the gifts of the inspired few:
those who have raised up others, who have passed on but who still have an effect on you.
I cherish every moment within which I am inspired, amazed, enlightened, and intrigued;
I love the power of a great mystery, I love the energy of someone who is in another league.
Life is not always bound by our will, nor can every answer be found in the florets of a sunflower;
however, inspiration grows and can be found within- as can the source of all my power.



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