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If there is one unwritten rule, if there is one constant in the universe,
it would have to be that the momentum of time, and life, never runs in reverse.
Things change; people move on; relationships grow, flourish; and sometimes fade;
and a heart once scarred, and a trust once broken, can never be remade.
Sometimes we all feel like we are ‘Indiana Jones’, trying to out-run a boulder;
and sometimes we feel as if we don’t fit into our own skin, until we are that much older.
‘Change’ can be a scary word for some, because it means that they must grow;
change can be something to run away from, because you just don’t want to let go.
Change is a transition, and what will come to pass next cannot always be predicted;
however, I believe that change is an ethos to life that should never be contradicted.
Change can be an opportunity, a revelation, a truly life-changing invitation,
a gleaming vessel to a new world just waiting for your embarkation.
Change is not always easy, change can sometimes be hard, painful and unwelcome;
but, sometimes, change is what you need- something that may never be outdone.



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