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Our mind, our spirit, our consciousness, our soul-
everything about us that is the most important thing about us,
that is not of the body,
that is the most phenomenal thing about every human being,
that is deeper than any ocean anywhere on any planet,
and is the adhesive that holds together the whole.

Our essence extends beyond us.
Our mind never stops working.
While our body is resting, regenerating,
after being used to excess,
our mind interprets the messages that we have received,
but not clearly perceived, from the world around us-
a process that we can sometimes witness the progress of
while we are dreaming.

When a baby is born,
when a child first cries-out
and first extends the reach of their life-force and touches the heart
and connects with the consciousness of their parents,
the moment is so magnificent, overwhelming, and enticing-
it is as magnetic as the Earth’s core,
and as beautiful as the song of Angels.

When a body breathes its last breath,
and enacts its last deed;
when a body reaches its last instant of usefulness before death,
and you feel the sensation of being new-born again and free-
at that moment you need nothing,
at that moment you hear nothing,
at that moment your entire life unfolds before you
and reveals the meaning of your life
and why you were so integral in keeping the universe expanding,
keeping the galaxy spinning, and keeping the world as diverse,
engaging, and wonderfully-unpredictable,
as it has always been since its beginning.

People never truly die.
When we die, I believe that all that we are, all that we ever were,
and all that we forever will be, goes on-
and as we shed our mortal shackles,
as we take our final look at a sunrise or a sunset,
we understand what it all means:
why people in our life mean so much to us,
and why acceptance and realization is life’s key-
that is when all existence comes into focus,
and we understand that we are celestial beings in our natural form
of many states of reality that are not of the body.


Memory, nostalgia- that special feeling of yesteryear;
our hopes, our dreams- that which we hold on to like a souvenir-
never to be replaced, never to be extinguished:
the constant of everything for which we have ever wished.

Eden, Utopia- a perfect place of eternal bliss-
that place you go to with a friend when you reminisce-
one of the most powerful draws that lies just over the horizon,
a promise that we can be whatever we can possibly imagine.

A foothold of faith; a leap for love-
that first glimpse of the one you adore and are in awe of-
not only a memory, but an Eden in it’s own right;
like a forever beckoning beacon of emotion and light
that resonates infinitely and is an uninterrupted delight,
which, even after first sight, makes your heart race and take flight-
the rush, the essence, and the allure of love at first sight.

“Roses in December” is the gift that memory bestows-
to be able to go back in time, and deliver like a single red rose:
the scent, the palette, the poignancy of life that our senses merely hint to-
an infinite, unrelenting, penetrating, perfect, beautiful view-
that forever and always stays with you,
and will carry on even after our last adieu.

“God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December.”
— J.M. Barrie



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