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There are not that many people
who have the time, or find the need,
to sit back and realize that they have it all.
Maybe it is just me, maybe I am just spoiled,
but I have had the pleasure, on many occasions,
to be able to take a seat,
to be able to close my eyes and to feel
like I need nothing more.
Perhaps I shouldn’t say this,
perhaps I shouldn’t write this down;
but after all the years of fun, reflection,
elation, realisation, rediscovery-
for the first time in my life,
I believe that I am standing on a solid and lasting
life-affirming foundation.
Maybe I am jinxing it by saying it,
but what I have in my life now is what I have always wanted.
My life is made up of many different pieces of all shapes and sizes-
most are the same as everyone else’s,
only they are woven-together with a different coloured thread.
My life is as it should be:
filled with all the things that test me, complete me,
give reason to me and for me,
and all the things that make me happy.
This feeling of completion is momentary,
this feeling of having it all wont last, nor should it;
but most people don’t have the time
to thank anyone or anything for what they have,
unless they survive a test of character,
or something phenomenal akin to that of a lightning hit.
Today I walked down a road, known locally as “The Mad Mile”,
and it hit me that what I am blessed to know as my life,
as it is now, to my eyes, is the same as it is in the daylight,
as it is in the dark;
with every step that I take down this “mad mile”,
with every thought that came and went-
I realised that all that I am now
will forever be my benchmark.


There is nothing like setting out and going for a run-
going from frozen to full speed like a bullet from a gun.

There is nothing like the feeling of rushing wind against your face-
for a moment floating free from gravity as if you are in outer space.

There is nothing like the sensation of your heart in your chest-
thundering like an express train, or a lightning storm coalesced.

There is nothing like letting go of everything and everyone-
as if, for a moment and all at once, you are the earth, the sky, and the sun.

There is nothing like the heat and the energy of a sunny day-
when your path, your footing, and your self assurance refuse to stray.

There is nothing like the temporary release of your body from your mind-
a state of being something greater than you are, and of energy refined.

There is nothing like propelling yourself farther, and pushing yourself beyond-
as if you can almost touch every possibility, and experience every bond.

citius altius fortius



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