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Everybody wants that special person in their life
who they can turn to, and talk to, and look to,
and listen to, whenever they need someone;
every one of us wants to fall asleep
thinking about something that that special person in our life
did for us that made us happy, and always makes us happy-
just the sight of their eyes looking back at us,
or a message from them that may be inaudible to anyone else
who read it resounds and echoes loud and clear
in the cavenous expanses of our mind,
and drives the current of our inner river,
and produces rainbows in the waterfall of our imagination.
That special someone can be all that you need to
make you want to wake up, live, and go to sleep,
feeling incredible, and like you too, for knowing them,
are special.

Love is easy.
Love is the best thing ever-
when the place is perfect, and the time is right.
Love should feel easy,
love shouldn’t ever feel a struggle-
when real love comes calling and you recognise its face at first sight,
even though you may have not seen it before,
or if you have not for a long time.
Love is unquestionable.
Love is the best, the most potent, and the most life-changing drug,
and you can express love in so many ways-
deeply, intimately, eternally, beautifully, simply,
sometimes with just a stare, a touch, a word, a kiss,
a gift of belonging, connection, togetherness-
from a boyfriend to a girlfriend,
from a wife to a husband,
from a friend to a best friend-
in the way of a hug.

Gifts of affection come in many forms-
sometimes out of the blue,
like a surprise trip somewhere for two,
a reminder that someone loves you
and was thinking about you,
and they saw something while they weren’t with you
but as soon as they saw what they saw
they knew it would be the perfect present for you.

Two people who are in love
but don’t always say it to each other,
but who try to show it every day-
and not just on Valentine’s Day-
know that as long as they have each other,
as long as they have what no one could ever take
or replace, which they know is never going anywhere-
those two people, even though they may be apart sometimes
will always know that they will forever have
a vital piece of one another in their heart,
and that knowledge and that truth and that feeling
is hidden in plain sight for them to see, recognise,
and find.

You can feel and find love five seconds after meeting someone.
You can know you have found the one person who you want
to spend the rest of you life with the instant you feel their pull,
and their force of attraction becomes more powerful
and important than gravity,
and when you look at them and every time you do
you are in-awe iof them and stunned.
You can see someone over and over again everyday,
but the time for your two hearts and lives to combine
might not ne instantaneous and may come gradually
the more you learn about each other,
and the more you see in them what you have been searching for,
and what you have always wanted;
something that can make you do something amazing
that you would never do for anyone else
and have never done before for anyone else-
like buying someone a bouquet of flowers,
writing someone a letter,
telling someone a secret,
showing someone something that means something to you
for some reason that is personal and meaningful to you.

When I want to say something, or do something special
for my special someone, I like to do it with all my heart,
and I put eveything into it, and I like to leave
and give a part of me to someone in every word
and in every rhyme and message of my poetry-
and I like to play my own song,
I like to create my own music,
I like to send my voice into and over the air
for the one I love, and for the one who loves me
to find and to hear, and feel me and what I want them to feel,
and I want them to think of me whenever they hear my melody,
whenever they hear their melody,
whenever they hear our melody.



There are things that are easy, and there are things that are hard;
but when you feel something deeply and intensely for someone,
and when those feelings and emotions lead you to the meaning of your life,
there is no greater beneficiary than your own heart.

I don’t think love can be defined so easily and understandably in words
than it can be and always should be expressed in thoughts,
gestures, generosity, and selflessness;
however, when used in unison with words of beauty, depth, and poetry,
the power of the magic that can be enchanted is nothing short of wondrous.

Meeting someone new who you have never met in your entire life is easy-
everyday everybody does so without even a second thought-
the chances of you walking out of your home in the morning
and never making eye-contact with the unfamiliar irises of a stranger
for the rest of the day, are, I am quite confident in saying,
very close to naught.
Meeting someone new, who you may one day choose
to trust your spirit and your soul to
is fraught with uncertainty and fear, at first-
sometimes, even to the degree that you swear that your need
to share a part of yourself with someone, if it is not fulfilled
then your heart is literally going to burst.

Human beings are advertising-animals-
we either share a lot, or a little, of ourselves with the world,
but no more than we are confident with;
as long as we emit our own aura of who and how
we would like others to see us,
then we are willing to leave everything else about us
to speculation and myth.

Falling in love at first-sight is a hard habit to break-
like Michelangelo seeing the statue of David before he sculpted him,
sometimes you cannot help yourself,
after seeing someone who you really like,
from removing all the unnecessary marble that surrounds them
and sculpting them in your mind the way that you see them-
and, unfortunately, when that optimistic and artful view
is sometimes shattered-
when art comes to life in ways unforeseen and un-envisioned-
it is hard for everyone to pick up the pieces
and put them back together again.

Meeting someone new is easy,
meeting them for the first time can be hard;
but I do not think that anyone would have it any other way-
and that is why life, love, and people,
are an entrancing and an inspiring work of heart.



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