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Walking in the rain,
watching the world as it passes me by,
considering the questions of life that I can’t explain,
I think about the future, and why it is important to say goodbye.
For every raindrop that falls,
I consider the countless events that are occurring every second all around me,
what would the world sound like
if I could hear the beats of every heart-
would I feel like a lone swimmer in the middle of a vast sea.
For every step that I take,
I think about all of the decisions that I have made
that have led me to my path;
how fortunate I am to have had the set-backs, the obstacles,
and, most importantly, the blessings-
which are infinite in number,
and are as numerous as the total number of soap bubbles in a bubble-bath.

This is the season of change;
this is the season of transition;
this is the season of the wonderful and the strange;
this is the season when plans and dreams come into fruition.
New air is moving in of the same aroma
as that of a rainstorm after a week of hot summer days;
a new era has begun that promises the continuation,
and also the beginning of progress
that will affect people all over the world in many different ways.

People are moving on;
people are just being discovered;
people will not truly be missed until it is noticed that they are gone;
people are spreading their wings and leaving behind their feathers
to be found by others, like those of a mythical bird.
This is the season of choice;
this is the season when we are asked for our response,
so as to make a reality the potential of our ambition;
this is the season when people find their voice;
this is the season in which planets, and people,
make a transition.



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