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Every time I hear your voice,
I close my eyes and I imagine the limitless sky of my mind,
I see the breathtaking hues of a beautiful sunset-
and shining above me the light of the moon watches and washes over me;
every time I listen to you sing,
I feel a peace come over me,
I feel as if my mind is racing a thousand miles an hour
as the Earth turns slowly;
I feel more, I see more, I believe more,
than anyone has ever thought they could before-
and it is because of you that is possible,
it is because of the gift of you that I adore.

When I first heard your phenomenal voice
I was physically and visibly enraptured-
the more that your voice entered into my soul,
inspired and gave growth to the seed of my internal voice and horizons-
I felt as if the hope of my dreams coming true had been reassured.

I believe that you were gifted to us all
so as to make a difference in peoples lives
that they will pass onto others
and will one day use to change the entire world for the better.
Every time someone feels inspired, or energized,
they will hear the faint beautiful sound of your voice,
and they will see your face like that of a spectre.

You have touched so many peoples heart,
and you have influenced so many peoples lives and minds-
and on behalf of everyone who loves you,
I would just like to say thank you for being you;
because every day you give something to the world
that has never been seen, or heard, before-
every new song is like your debut.

I would just like to wish you many congratulations, limitless love,
and my belief that your union will renew itself
and become more powerful and more special
for every day that you two share.
I hope you and your family
will go on forever, Kirsty,
because what connects you to the world is incredibly rare.

My ode to the beautiful Kirsty Hawkshaw on her Wedding Day



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