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Does this go with that?
Should I paint my bedroom Red, or should I paint it blue?
At the time of being asked
seemingly world-shattering and defining decisions,
but which are really changes in light-
because what goes with what should be simple:
go with what feels right,
because they are the rooms of you.

I have watched people literally agonize
over whether there decoration should match their fashion-
I am all for coordination, but when you get to that level of minutiae
style becomes a job, a chore, all for everybody else’s eyes-
a world away from a passion.

I am not an interior, or an exterior decorator,
but I do know what feels right to me-
my tastes in decor may be reviled by a so-called “expert”,
or by someone who thinks that their opinion is superior to mine,
and they can feel free;
however, said “experts”, I am afraid, would have to prepare themselves
to be told that they don’t know what they are talking about-
I am sure they would be well-meaning (or not),
but either way I would tell any visitor to my home
that it is the most perfect and inspirational place on Earth,
of which there can be no doubt.

The rooms of my home are an “Aladdin’s cave”,
each room mirrored in every corner with tokens of me-
details of complexity, echoes of my own voice,
imprints of imagination- works of art, life, and poetry.

Wear what is comfortable;
mix your vocabulary with what you hear and with what makes you smile;
be adventurous in your choices;
never have a psychic, nor an interior decorator on speed-dial;
listen to the opinions of your real friends, but don’t be led backwards;
be creative always; paint your hearts-desires on every wall, and on yourself-
because your thoughts and opinions are more important than any awards.

Every morning, I wake-up, I look around,
I walk through my home, and I take in the view-
I look at the people, the pictures, the art, the identity of my creativity-
I sigh with bliss, and I think to myself:
Mark, these are the rooms of you.



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