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As pure as water from a stream,
as clear as a colour that stands out in a dream,
as resonant as a pin drop in a silent room,
as limitless as the stars that shine,
and sound like a vast orchestra playing in-tune.

As beautiful as a raindrop,
as light as a cloud,
as full of stories as a library or a book shop,
as numerous and varied as the faces of people in a crowd.

As peaceful as a gallery,
as blissful as a boat ride down a river,
as special as a single, beautiful, line of poetry,
as unpredictable as the weather.

As lightening as a joke,
as interesting as a mystery,
as surrounding as a blanket or a cloak,
as evolving and chaning as the life of a tree.

As complicated as a person,
as stimulating as a question,
as enrapturing as being in love and being loved by someone,
as revealing as an exhibition.

As perfect as a kiss,
as epic as a journey,
as precious as a wish,
as deep as a seed of self-discovery.

As strong as a parents bond,
as tender as a babies touch,
as diverse as the life that you may find in a pond,
as amazing as a gift given and one received
that will always mean so much.

As rich as the colours that can be seen under the sea,
as mystical as a sixth sense,
as heavenly as life on Earth can ever be.
As we live and experience things
that go beyond our limited understanding
we glimpse, even if it is for a fraction of a second
or within a brief flash of light,
life’s unparalleled, phenomenal, beautiful, perfect,



When daylight turns to darkness,
when the night becomes the day-
everyone needs someone by their side
who they can always look to,
and who would never stray.

Love requires trust and honesty to sustain it,
a relationship is built on the knowledge
that you can’t live your life on your own,
mutual respect comes when you hear someone say something
and they mean it,
commitment is the promise that couples make
as they walk hand-in-hand together
into the great unknown.

You don’t know you are looking for someone until you meet them,
you don’t know that you love someone until that first kiss,
you don’t know anything about yourself
until you see the one who makes your heart continue to beat
again and again,
you don’t know that you want to be with someone for the rest of your life
until you remember that until you met the other half of your heart
you had never felt like this.

Some things in life just feel right,
some things that you know could never be wrong,
some things mean that everything is going to be alright,
there are some things and their is someone
who makes us believe, sometimes for the first time in our lives,
that we truly belong.

‘Marriage’ is a word that is easy to say,
but what it means to be married cannot be put into words-
it varies from person to person, and it is expressed in many ways.
Marriage is about cooperation,
living your life beyond yourself with someone else, through whatever.
Being married is making an oath to each other
that no matter what happens in the future,
everything that you do makes you who you are-
and that is what you will remember forever,
and that is what will always keep you together.

Meeting someone new is easy,
finding the one person to share and spend the rest of your life with is hard;
finding the peace to complete the puzzle of your life
is akin to finding sunken treasure on the bed of a turbulent sea;
meeting the person to whom you intend to marry is greater than destiny;
meeting your soul-mate is a fulfillment and a gift of the universe’ heart.

We feel so much for so many people in our lives,
but those bells of insight only chime for a short-time.
We say so much to so many people in brief interconnected moments,
but those words of meaning only truly speak
to a shared voice to our own that we knowingly seek.

Love is a trust that is not given lightly;
love is a faith that unifies all truth, thought, life, and identity.
Love is meant to be shared;
love is meant to be embraced, seen, shown, heard, felt, and followed
wherever its allure takes you-
to endless days of happiness,
to unforgettable nights gifted by a million stars,
to the meaning of life, fellowship-
where every moment is as indelible as a tattoo.

Making a commitment to the person who you love unquestionably,
who you adore, who you know as much about as you know about yourself,
is a treasure forever of limitless wealth;
making a vow to the person who completes you,
who you think about as an extension of your own spirit,
and who refracts the light of you like a diamond-
making such a promise is special, it is wonderful,
it is the most sacred, the most hopeful, the most beautiful,
and the most powerful of any bond.



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