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I went out into the world today
with a new camera, a new outlook, a new focus-
the world felt like a light-blessed river
being sustained by a towering waterfall of rainbow rain,
sparkling mist, and beautiful lotuses.
There was something different about me,
about my surroundings, that I felt I could not ignore-
it wasn’t clear to me what had changed, at first,
but the minute that I turned everything off:
my phone, my life, my world, my hopes,
my dreams, my fears, my knowledge;
I realised that I knew nothing,
I realised that I had missed so much,
I realised that every moment of blessed silence-
when the only thing you can hear is your own heart-
is in itself an intergalactic door.

I captured and I became something new in that moment;
the windmill of life turned in the breeze- I became frozen,
I felt awestruck by a new truth that was echoing in every direction,
I was touched to tears by a new clarity
that cleared-away the cobwebs of my imagination-space
and exposed a new picture of reality to me
that felt natural, vast, free of pretense.
I looked at myself differently,
I looked at my life with new eyes through a new lens,
I became enamoured again by the faces and the memories
that I have saved my entire life of my family and my friends,
I saw the source of the divine and great muse of enlightenment
from where all thought stems.

This world, our collective meaning,
continues to amaze and inspire me.
If someone was to take a picture of everything that is happening
right now- every choice that someone made,
every thought that someone had-
what would that picture look like,
what would that picture make someone on the outside looking-in realise:
perhaps that they are in fact on the inside looking-out;
maybe such an image would change what it is about life
that means so much to you,
maybe such an image would enthral you,
maybe such an image would send you mad.

I felt like a lone lotus, bobbing up and down in a pond-
reawakened, exposed, open to the new tides of the future
and the new light of a new era;
I felt like I was beginning my life again,
with new depths to explore about the entire universe-
like the first photo of a new camera.


Wake up! Wake up! You’re going to be late;
while you were sleeping destiny decided your fate:
you and your life are no longer who and what they were;
so if I were you I’d hold on tight, because things might become a blur.
Your world, your space has turned from one to zero-gravity;
your life, your path, no longer conforms to what would be called “normality”.
Your hopes, your dreams, have all now gone into overdrive-
no longer will you believe anything other than you are grateful to be alive.
While you were sleeping the song of your life became a remix;
every thought, every masterpiece of your imagining, became an intermix;
every lesson that you have learned that has prepared you for today
will stay with you for the rest of your life, and will not let you stray
from catalyzing the world into what you have always wanted it to be;
because the realization of what is to come is at the heart of your destiny.
One life. One world. Many faces to talk to many times in many places.
Any dream. Any reality. Infinite capability to achieve infinite vitality.
Now that you are awake and out of bed, I think you know what you need to do;
because only one person can be your destiny maker, and that person is you.



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