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Some people go through their entire lives
still holding-on to a dream;
some just need to find the right person at the right time
to elevate them from wannabe philosopher and poet
into something and someone who makes a difference when they speak.

I never had lofty dreams while growing up-
not unless you count those daydreams of mine when I was a kid,
when I dreamed of what it would be like to be an astronaut;
I never thought that I could play a part in the world,
until I met the muse who would overcome all boundaries
and shatter all concepts of reality-
whose inspiration has always guided my path and given me support.

I never thought that my words would carry farther
than the eyes and the ears of someone near and dear,
until I was gifted a wish to be granted by a dream-maker
to echo the words of my life to the entire world-
as should be the purview of the poet of the sphere.

In my hands I am holding my life’s words
in a book with my face on the front-cover,
as if I were holding my own heart;
I cannot tell you how incredible and epic this moment is-
to me, it is as if I have painted a picture
and now that painting has come to life,
and I am now meeting the face for the first time
of my own work of art.

Holding my own book of poetry, my life, in my hands
and seeing my parents, my sister, cry tears of happiness at the sight;
hearing how proud my family and my friends are of me
is what I live for, and it is why I write.

“Poet of the Sphere” is but the start for me-
I have so much that I want to do, to experience, and so much that I want to say;
there will never be enough words in my vocabulary,
nor enough hours in a single day.


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