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Who am I? Who do I want to be?
If I were to think hard enough and for long enough,
could I make any identity my reality?
Does what we think of ourselves matter more to us than how others see us?
Does always playing the part written for us by the world
just lead us into losing our focus?

Words are important, what we say and write are an essential road-map;
emphasis, effort, and effectiveness,
are the linchpin of every conversation and can bridge any gap.

I am but a man, a gentleman,
who acts for others who are just like me-
I hold open doors, I take great interest in the well-being of a stranger,
I protect, defend, and help relieve others of their vulnerabilities;
but does that make me perfect, do I want to be perfect, am I perfect?
However, I do believe that happiness and contentment
is meant and can be attained by all
if everyone were to let their intent and their feelings show.

When I write poetry I write not just for me,
but for everyone in the entire world-
no matter their birth, belief, education, or persuasion;
because such things may be the first rung on your life’s ladder,
but they are not the primer of your entire life equation.

I write about what I love, what motivates me, what I have felt and seen,
and also what I would give everything to see,
but what I do not need to see-
I write so that someday someone may read my poems
and be inspired to create their own work of art,
because that is exactly what happened to me.

What I have learned in my life thus far
is that because of the actions of the few and of the minority
sometimes things in life just don’t go the way of your expectations,
or to plan-
but that in the long-run it doesn’t matter;
as long as you stay resolute, true to what is you,
the model of a gentlewoman, or a gentleman.



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