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The 29th of February is one of the most amazing days on the calender,
because it is an anomaly;
it is not a day that happens every year, like your birthday-
and that is why I think people, and couples, choose to seize the day,
to propose to each other, and to make resolutions,
as if it were Valentines, or New Years Day.
It is a day that keeps in balance every other day of the decade-
the day that was, but wasn’t;
four years in the making, and in the waiting-
a day that will never fade.

If you are born on the 29th of February,
then I guess that you will be forever young?
However, thinking about it:
if you only have a birthday every four years,
you may be un-aging, or aging slowly in years,
ever the while you are climbing the ladder of life,
and most likely feeling the rise of every rung.

The 29th of February, or “Leap Day”,
is the most perfect day to start something new-
a new relationship, a new attitude-
the most perfect day to do something for everyone, or just for you.

To some people, the 29th of February is just a normal day-
a day in which they may have to wait an extra day before they are paid;
but to some, the 29th of February is, and will always be,
the greatest, and the best, of all the other days-
a day when they will walk out their door with no expectations,
but with anticipation to see how it plays.

Happy Leap Day! Happy Leap Year!
What you do today matters, so make the most of it-
take a leap, keep going until there is nothing in your way.
Today is always the most important,
so live every minute, every hour,
as if they were forever in a day.



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