Saying goodbye,
you have to do it in your own way:
with a smile, with a hug, with a letter, with a wave.

Saying goodbye is so much harder than saying hello;
saying goodbye to someone who you have known for a long time
is so much harder than saying goodbye to someone
who you don’t really know.

I have lost count of the number of people I have seen leave and walk away,
and every time taking a part of me with them-
I remember the face of everyone who I have made a connection with,
and there are random times of the day when certain faces resurface
and make me think about something about them again.

Sometimes goodbye can only be for ten minutes;
sometimes goodbye can be the last thing you say to someone
for an entire year;
sometimes goodbye can be said but never heard,
but you find that goodbye and that release in something of theirs
that you find one day-
maybe even the feeling or the vision of a memory of them
sitting in the place where they used to sit;
sometimes goodbye can be said and seen
with a single, beautiful, tear.

There are many reasons for us to say goodbye;
there are many ways to keep things alive
even after they have died;
there are many reasons that we can find to give up-
but, personally, no matter what it is,
I would still want to try;
there are many reasons why we all smile, and cry.

Say goodbye, always.
You never know, you may not get another chance
in the way you may want to or hope for.
Be strong. Be brave.
Don’t fight what you are feeling.
Tell someone that you wish you didn’t have to go,
and that you will be thinking about them,
and the time that you spent together could not have meant more.

Before you turn away from anybody,
give them a smile, give them a look,
give them something to remember you by,
and give them a wave.