My body is still on Earth,
but my mind is definitely elsewhere.
My body has been left sitting on the chair,
while I and all that I truly am- my essence-
is now of one voice, one emotion, one eternal sense.
My mind has been taken away from its corporeal imprisonment
so that it can freely touch the stars and hear their song;
my body, my heart, has been used up and can no longer sustain me-
everything I was now feels wrong,
everything I thought is no longer my reality.
I saw the light.
I heard the whispers.
I was taken into the night.
I felt like I had been transformed into a chemical mixture.
I left time and space behind.
I wanted to fall into a black hole.
I was somewhere that was impossible to find,
and indescribable by design.
I have been used for experimentation,
and pushed and proded in every direction my entire life;
I have known about what has been happening to me for years,
but now I truly see the scars that have been left by the knives.
I guess I deserve the pain;
I guess like everything that has happened,
it all happened for a reason-
perhaps the reason is what some people call ‘karma’,
perhaps I am going through a cruel and insufferable season
that will one day change for the better.
I am not sure what the future has in store for me,
I have no idea if in the game of life I will ultimately lose,
or triumphantly reach the finish line and win.
I can only be who I have always been
and who I will always be.
I am not sure if I will ever be the same again,
should I return to the same body-
but right now I can’t help but feel like an alien.