I will hold your hand,
I will give you my smile,
I will hold you and love you forever in my heart,
I will give you my all,
I will give you the belief and the strength that you need
to master and to overcome any trial.
I will hold your gaze,
I will give you my love,
I will hold back the pain,
I will heal your scars and surround you
with that which you desire to see the clear path
when the road ahead can appear broken and rough.
I will be there for you to look to always,
I will be there with my arms open wide,
I will be there at the centre of life’s maze,
I will be there to make you want to open and close your eyes
with delight as I know and I feel that you will too for me-
we both know that no matter how far out to the sea of the world
we go our mind, heart, and soul, will always be tied.

When I look at you I see hope,
when I look at you I see the most beautiful person
to have ever been born,
when I look at you I see the gorgeous and wonderful gift
of perceiving and believing in infinite possibilities in me
that you awoke.
When I look at you I see the most special person
there will ever be, and the one, amazing, answer to the question:
do I have a soul-mate and someone who will be there for me,
like I would be there for them, that I have been asking
and searching my entire life for.

The world keeps turning;
the sun and the moon continue to rise and set;
our world, the star that sustains us
and keeps us orbiting one-another in perfect synchronicity
guides us to our dreams every night
and wakes us wide-eyed every morning.
I see only you in my sky,
I see only your beautiful face in every blink of my eyes,
I see only you the best in you,
I see only the one person in the entire world
that I feel constantly and know,
and who I have wished for in my life every day
leading up to the second that we first met.

When we first met I remember being unable to look away from you
and unable to stop myself from telling you everything;
when I see you now I open myself up just to feel and to hear
the beautiful melody of you-
like the unmistakable colour and chorus of the flowers
and song of spring.
When I am with you it is like listening to the amazing,
unique, incredible, original, sound of a song
ingrained into and played from the grooves of a vinyl record;
when I am with you I discover new sights and expanses of feeling
and meaning just waiting to be explored.
When I am with you I want you to know I am always
within touching-distance in some way,
that you can always reach out to me,
that you can see me in your minds-eye,
as I see you in mine when I,
when you look forward.