Up until today I believed that what we had was special,
up until today I believed that we were destined to meet for a reason.
Today, after what you said about not wanting to hurt anyone,
I gained a new perspective thanks to you,
and I lost faith in my knowledge, in my instinct, in my sight,
of what is fated to be and what is beautiful.
Today I realized that the universe means for me to be alone
and unable to live happily ever after with the one person
in the whole world who I love and who shares my passions.
I have to live with the knowledge
that I cannot change how things are,
I have to accept the fact
that our friendship will never grow into anything more.

Someone always gets hurt-
for reasons I have yet to fathom, that person is nearly always me.
Someone needs to be there when things fall apart
and break beyond repair-
I feel pain, but it is a good pain.
I feel like we can’t go back to how things were,
and that truly is a tragedy.

This is just the way things have to be.
We tried to be friends,
but I pushed our relationship to the next level,
and now I understand the true meaning of destiny.

I didn’t want to accept the fact that what we were doing was wrong,
but I have because that is the only way that I will be able
to let you go.
I thought that we had found true-love,
but instead our meeting one another, I realize now,
was just a life lesson-
the meaning of which, hopefully,
I will get the chance to one day know.

You don’t need me.
You are already in a happy relationship
with someone who you want to marry.
We found each other,
but maybe our coming together was always meant to be short-lived,
a song of the summer.
It’s going to be weird you being far-away, but still there.
I will never understand life’s twisted sense of humor
of drawing people near and then pushing them away;
but life is not black and white-
life, I understand now more than ever, is not fair.