In 50 years from now,
you wont remember me;
but I will always remember you-
I will never be able to forget your dazzling eyes:
the widest, and the most beautiful marvels of existence
that I have ever knew.

In half a century from today,
I will still be telling people
about the second that our eyes first met-
the moment that I became instantly lost in everything about you,
and the part of you that imprinted on me forever-after
that I will never forget.

When I one day reveal the identity
of who it was that I always wanted to be in love with me,
I will say your name, I will describe your face,
and I will try to put into poetry the perfection of your smile-
however, even if I have a picture in-hand,
to describe only a fraction of your face’s divinity
is going to take quite a while.

When I am asked by people who you were, why I love you,
and what makes you eternally special in my eyes,
I will tell them that when I think of you all doubt, and darkness,
is cancelled-out, and all I see is beauty in every form imaginable,
and a presence more overwhelming than a pacific sunrise.

I will tell people a tale of a man looking for a truth, an answer,
a revelation that told him who he was,
and then I will them that that man, Me,
when he saw You felt electrified with love and inspiration
at the sight of you, and that that will go on forever without pause.

Every night I will retire to my bed,
still unable to sleep without dreaming about what we said to one-another,
nor without reliving what you will forever mean to me.
I will look back on myself now, and on my memories of you;
I will pick up a pen and a piece of paper,
and I will continue to write more and more poetry.