This morning is the start of a new day,
a new poem, a new sky, a new light-
this morning is blue-sky blessed,
cold, beautiful, and bright.
This morning I turned on my iPod,
selected my favourite song,
and sung along to the lyrics
that are always at the foundation
of a great new day-
every song I listen to,
from the first to the last,
tap into my source spark,
make me feel as light as a feather,
and take me away.
I have a cup of tea,
I get dressed for the day,
and then I take my tea, my music,
and my poetry with me-
I set-out into the new morning,
accompanied by the transcendent voice of Kirsty Hawkshaw
singing ‘A Million Stars’, to the epic beats of BT.
I brave the cold and the ice,
warmed through-and-through by my coat, my scarf,
and by my hope to be inspired by all that I see;
I walk the paths, through the gates, over hills, and through trees;
I stand in the middle of my favourite forest-
alone, and inspired by every second,
as I watch my breath begin to freeze.

Just after noon, I return home-
check my emails, log-on to Facebook,
and tweet my friends, and followers, from my phone;
I sit down, and begin reading another chapter
of the magnificent ‘Warhorse’ by Michael Morpurgo-
I still cannot believe that I had never heard, or read,
this beautiful book until now,
because I love everything about it:
the characters, the emotional resonance, and its amazing flow.
In the afternoon sun,
I stand outside my house,
taking in the world around me,
and sensing the aroma of a fire burning
in the distance on the air-
the smell is so intoxicating to me,
so much so that I imagine that I am standing by a roaring fire,
hypnotized by the heat and the flames,
alone, in the middle of nowhere.

At night,
I gaze at the constellation of Orion from my garden,
whilst listening to the amazing ‘Saltwater’ by Chicane-
and I am moved to tears by the staggering beauty of everything,
as the wonderful gift of life overcomes me
and can no longer be contained within my brain.

Friday, the 13th of January, 2012,
was a day filled with so many more wonderful gifts of life
that I experienced than I could accurately, poetically, delve;
however, it was a day when an idea became a reality
that in my eyes reverberated throughout the entire Milky Way-
and this is that idea,
this is my poem,
this was, and this is,