I never dreamed that I would meet someone like you,
I never imagined that I would be inspired to write the rhymes that I have penned;
I wish things were different between me and you;
but I don’t regret a thing-
this is the beginning, just as it is the end.

Who I am now is a universe away from who I was-
we all change over time, everyone does;
but after I first saw you,
all I saw, and all I wanted to see,
was your face-
because the moment that I saw you
was a powerful and a life-changing moment for me-
the walls of the world became doors to other places,
as the light that now surrounded the world
spoke the inspiration that would become my poetry,
and connected me forever to everything that the universe is, and never erases.
What I didn’t know then, which I know now,
is that the closer that I thought we were getting,
the further away from one another we always were-
and now that I know the truth, things are different between us,
every poem has become one poem, and the future is now a blur.

This is goodbye,
this is the end,
this is our epilogue,
this is our finale;
this isn’t to say that we wont ever see each other again,
but fate has its own plans for us both, and what will be,
we both will just have to wait and see.