All the leaves have fallen;
all the flowers have gone to bed;
all the webs have been spun;
all the swallows have flown south,
but now there are Robins flying overhead.

The sky is grey, but at times there is a precious hint of blue;
the air is crisp, but at night the eyes of the sky are open-wide
and the lights of the night are in full view.

Pine trees and street lights are daily being adorned
with new colour, sparkle, and flash;
plans and changes are being made constantly,
because the season of glee, gifts, and greeting, is approaching fast.

As most of the world hibernates, quietens,
and goes their way in a winter fashion-
others embrace their days more than ever
with energy, hope, joy, and passion.

It is an amazing time of the year-
filled with beauty, roaring fires, and the coming together of people;
however, what really amazes me every year
is the lengths to which some will go to give their time to others,
so as to make someone else’s life, even for a day, feel full.

Every year I give thanks, in my own way, for the people in my life
who are special beyond words to me, who make my heart beat faster,
and who I am thankful for and cherish-
everyday I give thanks for my fortune of family, friends, followers,
and for my freedom to flourish.

My World