All day, all night,
every day, every night,
I have relived in my heart and mind the last moment we touched-
the last time that we would see and touch one another-
the moment that every fiber of my being cried out in agony,
as tears started to form in my eyes,
and my heart felt as if it had been crushed.
The last second that we both held each-others gaze
felt so perfect, beautiful, natural-
it ended in an instant, but it seemed to last for days.

I never sought to find love from afar,
but over the years that seems to have become a recurring theme-
I have fell in love with beauty
that had crossed continents, oceans, and miles, so that I may know them,
and their beautiful face may follow me into my dreams.

This love felt different, somehow-
this love didn’t start out as love at first sight-
in the beginning we liked each other, smiled with one-another,
laughed at each-others jokes, but only as friends;
that was until we touched for the first time,
and I was struck by a truth that hit me faster than the speed of light.

We shared so much together- from the most brief and subtle of talks,
to the most amazing, heart-felt, enticing, beautiful, insights-
every time we spoke I felt as if we were conversing among the clouds,
and reaching out to each-other above the Earth
at new and energizing heights.

I will miss her so much.

When it did come time for us to say goodbye,
to look at each-other for the last time,
and for us to smile our last smiles to one-another,
it felt like my last day, my last second on Earth-
in my minds voice I told her that I loved her,
and that I would forever treasure the time that we spent together
and remember those moments fondly as the gifts that they are worth.

Today it finally hit me that I was never going to see her again,
and that the distance between us was going to be too much;
however, even now, she is still with me-
I can see her face, I can hear her voice,
I can feel her beautiful and delicate touch.

I miss you