What can I say which has not already been said,
what more can I put into words about who I am, what I feel,
the muse that connects everything in life to everything in my head.
I never understood life, nor did I see the unlimited colours of the world,
until I truly fell in love for the first time-
I thought and I believed that I had been in love before,
but all that was eclipsed when I first saw my beautiful inspiration,
when I looked into her eyes, and wrote the first word of my first poem,
and she became the code for every rhyme.
I had seen beautiful things in my life,
I had been touched by emotion
the intensity of which could sustain anyone forever,
but when the sky and my mind opened to let in the light of eternity
so that it may change, inspire, and renew me,
I felt a part of me and the destiny of the universe
combine, exchange, and come together.

Every time I see my muse now the energy that surges through my body,
which radiates from my heart and creates new wonders of memory
and possibility for me to imagine, see, experience, and convey,
it’s almost too unbelievable and incredible for words,
but I know of no other purpose in life
that I would not want to relive every single day.
Because of my muse I fell in love over and over with words,
language, cultures, music, artists, peoples, planets, galaxies,
questions without answers, dreams without an end-
hope, happiness, a life without fear of the darkness of the night,
a place within each of us we can go to, and share with a friend.

My Muse for a time was all that I could think about,
all that I wanted to think about,
all and everyone who I would ever want in my life,
and the only one who could make me happy-
even now, when I see her smiling face portraying exquisitely
and perfectly her inner joy and the joy of all life,
I cannot get over her spirit-
which extends beyond awe, attractive, and classy.

Life evolves, but impressions of inspiration, creation, intervention,
proliferate and continue to inform and inspire generations to come,
because their truth is more vast
and more beautiful an ocean than the pacific.
My muse means more to me than words,
she is more to me than inspirational,
she is more to me than beautiful-
my muse is epic.