From a single star in the night sky,
I can see the birth and the death of an entire solar system;
from a single echo of light
I can see the dawn and the evolution of an extraterrestrial civilization.

From a lone seed planted in the ground,
I can see the fertilization and the growth
of a majestic and gargantuan tree;
from a lone drop of water
I can see the trunk, the branches, the leaves
of a thousand arbors radiating there majesty.

From the faintest of smiles,
I can feel the beaming joy that lives to be expressed
on the face of another person;
from the faintest of glances,
I can share and envision another persons view of the world-
their trepidation’s; their needs; their hopes; their fascinations.

From the most unique and beautiful of voices,
I am transported and removed out of time
to a state of being that dwarfs that of ecstasy;
from the most phenomenal and sublime of voices,
I am overcome and inspired by their superhuman
insight conveyance ability.

From one idea; from one word; from one man, woman, or child,
I can extrapolate a limitless array of potential
and extraordinary possibilities;
from one idea I can see the whole,
from one word I can see an epic,
from one conversation with anyone,
I can extrapolate an unlimited resource of amazing
and untapped capabilities.

From one of anything in the universe
you can easily extrapolate a million,
from one of any dream in the galaxy
you could easily extrapolate that they number in the trillions;
from one of anything that you feel, think, and believe,
never give up or be swayed by opposing views, or consternation;
because a long time ago, from nothing came everything-
so start with one, and then give all that you are to extrapolation.