Since the overture of the universe,
all things have orbited everything because of attraction-
the elementary necessity, the reason for being, the cause for every reaction.
Since the origin of instinct,
all creation has perpetuated the need for one to connect with another-
the need to be understood, the need to grow, the need to come together.

Attraction is fundamental,
but the reason why things attract varies from culture, to country;
from person, to place-
what makes a pulse quicken, or a heart race, differs from species, to sex;
from mind, to face.

Physical attraction is often the allure,
but what follows next nearly always eclipses that first rush of blood-
if two people meet one another, and it is meant to be,
then that first look could be the drop to a life-changing and life-fulfilling flood.

Humanity yearns to be stimulated,
I belief it to be the greatest attraction of them all-
whether it be due to conversation, imagination,
or the feeling of connection with a masterpiece of art hanging from a wall.

When what started out as attraction evolves to become something more,
when attraction grows to become love-
you have no idea what emotions you will go through,
nor what your relationship will have in store.

Some things in life are elementary,
life would not be life without them-
for every thousand that you could do without,
there is always one that endures,
and that is the power of attraction.