The union of two hearts is the most beautiful song of them all,
the gift of becoming one with another is the most wonderful
and the most precious of miracles that can ever befall.
When two people first meet and almost instantly they have an energy,
when two friends see each other for the first time in a new light,
and the meaning of love and life is no longer a mystery,
when two minds think of the future
and cannot imagine existing without their mate,
when two hearts beat in-time with one another
and there is no end to the music their resonance can create.
Love is more than a word,
to be in love and to be loved is more than a feeling,
love is a bond that unites all the senses, love is natural, irresistible,
beautiful, love is healing.
Never take love for granted,
never disbelieve that one day you may meet your prince, your princess-
your partner in all things life-changing, amazing, and magical;
because the marriage of two hearts, two minds, two voices, as one
is the joyful odyssey of life, and nothing short of a miracle.