There is no planet more perfect. There is no home more idyllic.
When seen from space our planet, our home, our world, our Earth,
must seem like the work of illusion, or magic.
Those vast oceans of life, those sprawling landmasses of brown and green beauty;
those hives of light, sound, faces, and thoughts;
those inventions of connectivity, communication, understanding, and discovery, that are undeniably the offspring of humanity.

What would the seemingly perfect sphere of humankind look like to a visitor from on high?
What would the world that we have built say to an alien explorer,
or a descendant of ours from the future if they were to see our past, and our present instantly, within the blink of an eye?
The sphere of life that we are blessed to be inhabitants of is the single greatest creation that anyone will ever be witnessed to;
I think that we all become too caught-up in our own petty, self-invented
and self-manifested, divisions, boundaries, and borders-
so much so that I think we forget that we are all the same- one race, not two.

We are all part of a sphere of infinite beauty, diversity, history, life, purpose, and colour-
a self-made world that offers a stage to its most intelligent child
the opportunity to invent and sustain an endless summer.
If we do indeed succeed in answering that question of why we are here,
it will be a monument to all life to revere;
it will be the dream of Earth, the song of humanity,
the poetry of the sphere.