You were the spark; you are the reason;
you were there at the creation of my universe;
you are the continuum of my poetry- the eternal face of every season.
The impression that you have made on me will last a lifetime;
the love that you stirred in me will one day reach beyond my fingertips
and be the muse of a new poets rhyme.

The eternity of your beautiful eyes,
the dazzling gorgeousness of your perfect smile,
the heavenly contours of your angelic face,
your breathtaking spirit, your light-
the reason why you are the most amazing by a mile.

Your endless love, compassion, energy, and enthusiasm
is what makes you You, and is why everyone loves you so-
people who you may have already met, people you may never meet,
and people who you may never know.

To me the sun that is your inspiration will never set
and will never not enlighten my view;
you are beautiful, you are phenomenal-
there will never be anyone else more wonderful,
or more special than you.