If you are like me then you dream of places that you have never been,
you dream of discovery;
and, if you are like me then you know that the meaning of something cannot be realized the first time you see it,
it can only be found upon rediscovery.
A photograph of your first love, a long-since forgotten song from your youth,
an influential book from your formative years,
the rediscovery and acceptance of a home truth.

Our memories and our experiences are an inexhaustible energy-supply for our internal time machine-
they are our way of visiting moments in our lives without having to relive the events of before, or the years in-between.
Rediscovery of a natural gift, however, is an always exhilarating,
and sometimes liberating, discovery that can only be had the second time around-
a discovery that can make you fall-in-love again, inspire you to greater heights than the first time, and can be unbelievably profound.

To rediscover who you are for the first time in your life is a revelation unparalleled by the most learned scholar, psychotherapist, behaviorist,
or man on the street-
a rediscovery that could save your life, and the lives of others;
a discovery that you return to, and a rediscovery that you repeat.