Every living thing in the galaxy is connected by a strand,
every living thing in the universe has an instinct to grow, to learn, and to expand-
from a planetary ecosystem, to the millions of ants that makeup an ant colony;
from a nebula giving birth to new stars;
to a hive of bees that pollinates our flowers, and gives us the gift of golden honey.
Every living thing in creation is tethered and wired to one another,
every living thing is invisibly and inextricably linked in ways we have only just begun to uncover.

Signs of the existence of “The Strand” are ever-present in our daily lives, and in our actions;
evidence can be observed in our friends, partners, homes, choices, and in our interactions.
Even though a strand binds us all it has no influence on who we are, nor who, or what, we are going to be;
however, it compels every living thing to believe in something that they can feel but what they cannot see.